The PTO proudly supports our PBIS program that positively reinforces good behavior through

Tribe Tickets and prizes.  

We understand the impact that the pandemic has had on our HES families and for this reason we will NOT be doing a fall fundraiser. Instead we are only asking that parents send additional Lysol wipes and pump sanitizers to school.  From the generous donations we received last year, your PTO is gifting $5000 to provide the following items:

1000 - 4" Velcro colored circles that will show kiddos where to sit/stand for social distancing.
60 spray bottles for sanitization efforts
Document cameras - to help teachers show the classroom or virtual students desktop learning aids on the projector.
50 Supply Boxes
250 over ear cushioned headphones
500 breakaway lanyards to hold masks
A variety of balls for recess

As always, thank you for your continued support of HES and PTO.