The PTO proudly supports our PBIS program that positively reinforces good behavior through

Tribe Tickets and prizes.  

This upcoming school year we are planning a lot of great events and opportunities for our kids, teachers and school. Becoming a PTO member gives you immediate access to that information. As we navigate what this next year will look like, we will be continuously communicating with our parents.

Please see below for initiatives we carried out in the last school year:


  • We understand the impact that the pandemic has had on our HES families and for this reason we will NOT be doing a fall fundraiser. Instead we are only asking that parents send additional Lysol wipes and pump sanitizers to school.  From the generous donations we received last year, your PTO is gifting $5000 to provide the following items:

    1000 - 4" Velcro colored circles that will show kiddos where to sit/stand for social distancing.
    60 spray bottles for sanitization efforts
    Document cameras - to help teachers show the classroom or virtual students desktop learning aids on the projector.
    50 Supply Boxes
    250 over ear cushioned headphones
    500 breakaway lanyards to hold masks
    A variety of balls for recess
  • Monthly teacher appreciation gifts to all teachers and staff
  • Fall Festival and Valentine's Day Parties
  • Fundraisers that provide necessary items that support the education and overall school experience of our children.
  • Field Trip Assistance
  • Convenient school supply order access
  • Teacher conference meals
  • Supporting a healthy and productive liason between the parents and the school for the benefit of our children.
  • Our spring "More Fundsraiser - The Great Giveback" brought in a whopping $17,155. Those funds were dispersed to the specials/Encore classes and provided:
    • Innovation Technology
      • GraviTrax Robots
      • Sphero RVR Robots
      • Sphero Sprk
      • Osmo Starter Kits
      • Code & Go Robot Mouse
      • 10 Mini Robots
    • Library
      • New adjustable height tables
    • Music
      • Digital Piano
      • Extended Warranty for the piano
      • Wood Claves
      • Steel Triangles
      • Ukulele Felt Picks
      • Dry Erase Staff Whiteboards
      • Clipboards
      • Storage Containers
      • Small Storage Containers
      • Door Storage
      • Guiros
      • Cabasas
      • Temple Blocks
    • Art
      • Commercial Grade Food Service Rack
      • Zip around for rack
      • 12 pack of sheet pans
      • 12 pack of perforated sheet pans
      • Classroom Rug
      • Oil Pastels
      • Watercolor mixing sets
      • Neon Watercolor mixing sets
      • Rolling drawers
      • Slotted baskets
      • Small sets of drawers
      • Printmaking Drying Racks
      • Ikea shelf
      • Sculpey III Modeling Compound
      • Crayola color Sticks Pentagon Color Pencils
      • Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paint Combo Pack
      • Crayola Metallic Marker Sets
      • Do-A-Dot Art Sponge Tip Markers
      • White Markers
      • Tulip 3D Paint Collection
      • Tgoon Fluorescent Environment Painting Pastels
      • Block Printing Ink Set
      • Oil Pastels
      • Scratch Foam Board Printing
    • Physical Education
      • Hula Hoop Hooks
      • Air golf baskets
      • Agility ladders
      • Mr. Chips Ladder Toss
      • Foam Pucks
      • Ball Bags
      • Sit Down Volleyball
      • Four Square Volleyball